"By far the best decision we have made about her treatment for selective mutism, is to take our daughter to freedom camp. She is like a new person. We highly recommend this camp." 


Freedom Camp 2022

We are actively planning Freedom Camp 2022.  We are envisioning a 5-day intensive day camp in the Summer. Once we have specific dates and location, we will update our website.  Please also

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This camp is designed for elementary school age children with selective mutism and may be appropriate for some middle school age children. It is a wonderful opportunity for children with selective mutism to become more comfortable and increase verbalizations with peers and adults in a supportive setting. All Freedom Camp Counselors will be specifically trained in selective mutism treatment techniques. These fun-filled days will provide campers with opportunities to practice using their brave voices in individual, small group, and whole group settings. The camp will be led by Catherine Eckel, Ph.D. and Dr.Agredano, both of whom specialize in the treatment of selective mutism.