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Camp Counselors:

Do you love working with children? Would you like to be part of a child's journey to increased verbalizations?

Camp Counselor volunteers will have the opportunity to work with children to help them overcome their fear of talking. Currently, there are only a small number of similar camps nationwide. This is a phenomenal free training opportunity for graduate student level applicants, including but not limited to psychology graduate students, social work graduate students, medical students, speech and language therapists, and psychiatry residents. Teachers, professionals and advanced undergraduates in related fields are also encouraged to apply.  Camp Counselors will be trained in the evidence-based treatment of selective mutism, using the concepts of desensitization and exposure therapy, and learn to apply these concepts to the camp setting. Counselors will also learn to use reward systems to support children in using their voices during camp.  Work will include developing a positive relationship with the children, creating and managing a reward system, supporting the kids in small group, and large group settings through the tools and strategies learned in training. Counselors will also record information that will be provided to parents as feedback on their child’s experience at camp. 



Junior Camp Counselors:
This year we have 3 positions for Junior Camp Counselors. This is a wonderful opportunity for undergraduates who love working with children and are considering a career working with children.  Jr Camp Counselors set up and orchestrate craft activities and chaperone field trips at the Pruneyard Shopping Center.



What to Expect:
1) Independent study-

You will have access to self-paced study material covering the understanding of selective mutism, and empirically validated treatments for selective mutism. 

2) In person Counselor Training 

3) Lead in Sessions with Live Feedback:

In the weeks before the camp, Camp counselors will meet with the children attending the camp and use the techniques learned in the self-paced course while receiving support and live supervision. This will assist counselors in establishing speech with the children. Lead-in sessions (approximately up to 2 hours in duration each) will be scheduled according to Counselor and camper availability.  Children may need 1 or more Lead-In Sessions.

How to apply:

Please click the "Apply Here" button.


You will also have the opportunity to schedule meetings with camp organizers, Catherine Eckel, Ph.D., and Dr. Agredano.  Currently, their schedules do not overlap, and they are offering separate meeting times. Camp Counselors are accepted on a rolling admission basis after meeting with both camp organizers.

Selected applicants will need to complete the Live Scan fingerprinting before working with the children.

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